Designing an attractive, pet-friendly home just requires a little bit of expert know-how—which you, as your clients’ interior decorator, can supply!

Here are the few tips for what to focus on.

1. Pet care comes first
The easiest way to keep your home looking its best? Take good care of your pets. Regular brushings, claw-trimmings, and baths are the obvious place to start. Get rid of all that excess hair before it starts collecting on the carpet.

2. Indoor/outdoor rugs are your friends…
Dogs and cats love having a rug to nap on, so if you’re working on a room with hardwood flooring we definitely recommend going for one of these hardy area rugs. But you don’t have to stop there—you can also look into indoor/outdoor pillows and furniture. Not every indoor/outdoor piece will work in your space, but many pieces are just as stylish and comfortable as regular indoor furniture.

3. Plan your color scheme around your pet
Picking a sofa that’s the same shade of grey as your furry friend isn’t just a sign of your love. It also makes it way easier to hide their hair! Of course, there’s no substitute for regular vacuuming, but matching your carpet to your pet’s fur makes their hair less visible in between big cleans.

4. Make your pets the center of attention
Yes, the places where your pets like to hang out are going to see some wear and tear. That doesn’t mean you should give up on them, though. Rather than tucking a ratty old pillow out of the way for your pet to sleep on, invest in a stylish and comfy bed.

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